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​​​Marvin’s Magic was at the London Toy Fair 2015 and I had the pleasure of chatting to the great Andy Reay and Marvin himself! You can watch my highlights clip here:

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Marvin Berglas founded Marvin’s Magic in 1987 and the company has grown to be the largest magic company in the world. Marvin was kind enough to give me an exclusive demonstration at this year’s London Toy Fair where he also let me in on a secret; A new kind of iMagic that is set to reach stores later this year (Autumn 2015).

iMagic consists of a series of magic tricks that work in conjunction with an iPhone, or even Android app. You can thus have even more fun using your phone as part of your magic show to help fool your audience!

There are many different magic sets and products produced exclusively by Mavin’s Magic including “The Energised Coin” and “The Great British Coin Trick” which were created by Bob Swadling.

Neither of these tricks were shown to me at the Toy Fair, but I was shown a different trick using coins (not ‘The Energised Coin’ trick). You can see that demonstration in this video!

The trick you see Andy Reay perform in this video is Marvin’s Magic “Dynamic Coins” trick. The quality of the items used for this illusion impressed me. They seem to be made of solid brass! The trick enables you to perform an intriguing and unbelievable sequence of effects with coins. Andy was able to make them appear, disappear and even transform!

As a side note, I found Andy Reay to be a very entertaining fellow. In fact, I rated him as my most favourite demonstrator at the Toy Fair this year, you can tell Andy is the consummate professional and has likely been entertaining for many years. I thoroughly enjoyed his brief illusion (Dynamic Coins) which involved disappearing coins through metal.

The final trick shown to me at the Toy Fair 2015 involved lights. The product is sold as “Lights from Anywhere” (the junior version is around $20 in the USA). Marvin himself demonstrated this to me in the video. You can magically make lights appear from anywhere.
You can throw the light, bounce it, pull it around the room and it looks pretty cool. I think this trick is good for my age and over, it encourages imagination and dexterity.

There are other sets that Marvin’s Magic makes such as ‘Fifty Greatest Magic Tricks’ which comes in a cool tin. Definitely worth it if you are a budding young magician:

This set contains 50 incredible tricks that are easy to perform including special props and a hardback book of secret instructions! (Not the flimsy type-only instruction book I got with Jack’s)

The set includes Svengali magic cards, dynamic coins, vanishing pen illusion, vanishing handkerchief, floating match and a lot more besides.

Last but not least, I perform a magic trick of my own in this video… Yes folks, it’s showtime! From my own box of tricks, I bring you, the incredible disappearing toys from a box!! I think you will be impressed because I guarantee you, the camera does not stop running the whole time during my illusion… Check it out!

I even make myself disappear at the end of my show… What more could you want? Hmm… Probably that’s what you did want!

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