The Little Monsters 3 by Kasing Lung x How2Work

Kasing Lung’s new The Little Monsters 3 blind box series from How2Work is out and proving to be quite popular. In a fun switch, Series 3 features Zimomo rather than Labubu, the star of the first two series. While similar in overall design, Zimomo has a rounder head, and much larger eyes. Cuter? Not for us to say.

Series 3 features twelve Zimomo designs which includes twelve standard designs + 2 hidden ones. One of the two hidden designs has been revealed, a fun artist crossover with Zimomo dressed up as fellow How2work artist Kohei Ogawa’s signature bear character.

While availability is pretty dynamic given the popularity of the series, 3DRetro does have stock remaining which will be available during their live shopping stream on the Pop Shop Live app (iOS only) on Monday (8.31) at 11 AM PDT. If you live in LA, Q Pop should also have the series in stock, though it’s not currently available online. Finally, while myplasticheart quickly sold out of their initial stock, they are expecting more at some point.

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