TOY HUNTING – Monster High Honey Swamp, Skelita, Ever After High CA Cupid & MLP

On Tuesday, I went to a mall with my Dad and sister to find a present for my mom. On the way, we stopped by Target and Justice and I totally scored there! I found Honey Swamp at Target and Frights! Camera! Action Lagoona at Justice. Knowing that I was after these dolls, my dad kindly bought them for me as Christmas gifts!

Due to snow, I went doll hunting on Thursday instead and my luck totally continued on! At Toys-R-Us, I was able to find their last Art Class Skelita! On the way back, I stopped by Build-A-Bear and built Fluttershy. I’ll have a separate video up for that later 🙂 At Target, I found some Rainbow Collection ponies too! – Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy!

When I got back home, I was happy to find a parcel waiting for me. Can you guess what was inside the parcel? ^^

Monster High “Frights! Camera! Action!” – Honey Swamp
Monster High “Frights! Camera! Action!” – Lagoona Blue
Monster High “Art Class” – Skelita Calaveras
Ever After High – C.A. Cupid
My Little Pony “Build-A-Bear” – Fluttershy
My Little Pony “Rainbow Power Collection” – Rainbow Dash
My Little Pony “Rainbow Power Collection” – Pinkie Pie
My Little Pony “Rainbow Power Collection” – Rarity
My Little Pony “Rainbow Power Collection” – Fluttershy

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