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After the rousing success of its virtual #DKECON event for SDCC 2020, DKE Toys is busy prepping to do it all over again for NYCC 2020—same virtual booth, all-new exclusives. Speaking of exclusives, DKE is introducing it’s first-ever convention pre-orders.

In order to better serve the high demand for anticipated releases, DKE is offering pre-orders for three of its #DKECON NYCC 2020 edition exclusives. First up is the newest The Great Showdowns set from Scott C. featuring Forest and a box of chocolates (3.75″, signed and numbered, $100). The new Police Grin Hip Hop Trooper edition 3.75″ resin figure (signed and numbered, $100) from Ron English follows the sold-out Police Grin in the OG white colorway. Finally, Topztoy’s ProtoBoba McFly (GID) edition (3.75″, signed and numbered, $65), a mashup of two iconic 80s films, is available for pre-order.

The NYCC Exclusive Great Showdowns set, Police Grin Hip Hop Trooper edition and Boba McFly are each available for pre-order now directly from DKE Toys. Each of the NYCC pre-order exclusives will be signed and numbered with the edition size determined by the number of orders received. The #DKECON NYCC 2020 edition virtual convention will be live (via Zoom) on October 8-11, 2020.

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