Celebrity Kids Who Are Different Off Camera

Their On-Screen Persona Is Completely Different From Their Off-Screen Persona

These teen celebs might look sweet and innocent on camera, but behind the scenes there’s more than meets the eye! Growing up in the spotlight and being showered with fame and fortune can have some negative effects on young stars. These kids have no manners or sense of right and wrong! They’re total brats!

TV stars and actors like Skai Jackson and Millie Bobby Brown have grown up on TV and learned about the struggles of fame from a young age. But is that an excuse to act disrespectful?! The teen star of Stranger Things recently made headlines when fans called her out for constantly interrupting her costars during interviews! These celebs may like to act grown up, but they definitely have some more maturing to do.

Tiktokers and reality show stars such as Dixie D’Amelio, Zoe Laverne, Jojo Siwa, Honey Boo Boo have all faced some bad press over feuds and drama with fellow stars. Even former stars of Dance Moms Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler are being seen as brats by the media.

Singers and musicians are also rude to fans and in interviews. Billie Eilish, Justin Beiber, and Lil Pump are all known to get into some hot water when it comes to acting out AND getting caught! Even musicians who are a bit older like Willow Smith and Lennon Stella went through some rough teen years and faced moments of acting out.

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Written by: Laurie M.
Narrated by: Carmen S.
Edited by: Steven Suñe

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