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Source: The LEGO Group

While searching for the next great LEGO world or experience, The LEGO Group is utilizing one of its most passionate resources: its fans!

In partnership with Tongal, the company just launched LEGO World Builder, a story development platform where anyone over the age of 18 can pitch ideas for new LEGO stories. The site is incredibly collaborative: Once someone posts an idea for a world, other creatives and fans can help expand the concept by contributing artwork, characters, storylines, and more. Users can also provide feedback on others’ ideas, through likes and comments.

This user-generated content isn’t just being sent into the internet void as hypothetical projects, either. The LEGO creative teams plan to spend time on the platform, giving feedback, and even optioning or buying the rights to new concepts. LEGO will also post challenges on the site, which will give fans the opportunity to share their own spin on existing LEGO IP.

“We are privileged to be a brand that stands for creativity not only with our incredible products but also with the experiences we create for our fans,” says Keith Malone, senior director of content development at the LEGO Group. “We hope the next Ninjago or LEGO Masters could come from this collaboration!”

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