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UK artist Whatshisname is set to unleash the first figure in the next evolution of his balloon dog figures. The cheekily named Jeff Balloonski figure moves away from the artist’s current mainstay of whimsical balloon versions of dogs to balloon dogs as creative and curious representations of people.

The new figure is Whatshisname’s first exploration of his new aesthetic which he’s calling PopArtomica, a blended word combining Pop Art and Atomica. The new style reinterprets epic or atomic personalities from a Pop Art sensibility.

The confident and stylish Jeff Balloonski, named in celebration of the artist who has been one of Whatshisname’s primary influences, adds a most definite twist to the balloon game. While the basic head shape remains, albeit altered to be more person-like, and the tail is still there, is Jeff Balloonski a two-legged balloon dog or something altogether different?

A signed and numbered edition of 45, the Jeff Balloonski polyresin sculpture (11.81″) will be available on Friday (8.28) at 4 AM PDT exclusively from Whathisname’s SohoArt site.

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