Mini Ice Erosion Molly ‘Glacial Queen’ Lottery Via myplasticheart

If you missed out on last month’s Instinctoy lottery, myplasticheart is bringing you a second chance at collecting the Mini Ice Erosion Molly – 3rd Color ‘Glacial Queen’ edition vinyl art toy from Kennyswork x Instinctoy. Instinctoy has pulled out all the stops for this latest version of the smaller Ice Erosion Molly which features a partially translucent crown to simulate ice and large, flake-like glitter throughout the body. This just might be one of the best pairings of Kenny Wong’s Molly and Instinctoy’s Liquid (seen in the crown) characters.

The Mini Ice Erosion Molly ‘Glacial Queen’ vinyl art toy (4″) is available for $89.99 via lottery from myplasticheart through Wednesday (8.25) at 2 PM PDT. Entry is simple, just fill out and submit the official lottery form. Good luck!

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