Itchy and Scratchy by Kidrobot x The Simpsons

Kidrobot has launched its new Itchy and Scratchy figures featuring The Simpsons’ lovable cat and mouse duo constantly in comic combat. First shown at NY Toy Fair back in February, the new vinyl art toy set is based around the popular My Bloody Valentine episode of the show.

Itchy is seen shortly after yanking out Scratchy’s heart to return the cat’s gift of a box of chocolates. For his traumatic part, Scratchy looks on in dismay when he learns that he needs his heart to live. The set is available in the full-color My Bloody Valentine edition and the Kidrobot exclusive Vintage Edition featuring a black and white treatment punctuated (punctured?) with Scratchy’s bloody red heart.

The Itchy and Scratchy My Bloody Valentine edition vinyl art toy set ($59) is available from select retailers and from Kidrobot directly ($59.99) while the Vintage Edition is available exclusively from Kidrobot.

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