Kidrobot x The Met Dunny Collection

Kidrobot has partnered with The Metropolitan Museum of Art on a special Dunny Collection marking the museum’s 150th anniversary. Inspired by artworks in The Met’s permanent collection, the new Dunnys include three Masterpiece Dunnys and three Showpiece 3″ Dunnys.

The trio of The Met 8-inch Masterpieces Dunnys celebrates iconic masterworks including Irises by Vincent Van Gogh, Magnolias and Irises by Louis C. Tiffany and Great Wave by Hokusai. Each of the The Met Masterpiece Dunnys comes in an edition-specific slipcase / window box featuring an image and information on the original artwork.

The “The Met 3″ Showpiece Dunnys” celebrate Piet Mondrian, a legendary 20th century master of abstract art, as well as two pieces drawn from the museum’s Greek and Chinese collections : Mondrian Composition, Greek Cosmetic Vase and Chinese Dragon Panel.

The Kidrobot x The Met Dunny Collection is available only from The Met’s museum store and Kidrobot. The 8″ Masterpiece Dunnys are available for $150 while the 3″ Showpiece Dunnys are $24.

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