Yummy Bubble Man by Modoli x Pop Mart

Modoli has collaborated with Pop Mart on the upcoming Yummy Bubble Man blindbox series. The new series defies easy classification, and that’s the key to it’s quirky, stylish appeal.

The same can be said for Modoli’s work as a whole. A digital creative firm known for their 3D work featuring their unusual characters (see the second video below), Modoli made its debut on the art toy stage with a large selection of stylish figures at Pop Mart’s Shanghai Toy Show 2019.

Yummy Bubble Man features a whimsical, slightly naughty character embarking upon a foodie bathing adventure with the help of Pipi, his little tiny bird friend and of course, a bath tub. More than just an accessory, the bath tub takes on a life of its own, filled with different things such as Tamago Nigiri for the Sushi Man design or transformed into a kiwi (Fruit Man) or event a hot dog (Hot-D Man).

The multi-figure setup of the series—Bubbleman, bath tub, and Pipi—is quite unusual. Each blindbox is almost like a mini playset. Of the twelve standard designs, Jelly Man stands out with a boba tea style design which morphs Bubble Man into a drink cup with a translucent body and cup stem rather than legs. Speaking of transformations, Bubble Man becomes a busy bee with the Honey Man chase.

The Yummy Bubble Man blindbox art toys are slated for an August 28, 2020, release in China and are available for pre-order for $11.99/blindbox from select retailers in North America including myplasticheart and Strangecat Toys. As is standard with Pop Mart’s series, a case of 12 figures features a full set or 11 plus the chase.

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