Introducing Pixie by Vinyl Intelligence

Locals Only. Vinyl Intelligence (Björn Humbe) continues his extreme sports series with the just revealed Pixie resin figure. A longboarder with plenty of attitude, Pixie is ready to shred with her natural wood-grain longboard. Don’t let the purple pigtails lull you to sleep, Pixie fearlessly bombs hills and has a burning desire for speed. A member of the Fatboy gang, Pixie follows the BMX-riding Fatboy figure.

With Pixie Björn Humbe continues to blend his stylized, organic take on urban athletes with the technical precision of their rides for a winning combination. As with Fatboy, Pixie features long, exaggerated limbs, retro-ish gear and plenty of personality in part due to her tattoos, a first for the series. Piece by piece, Humbe is carving out his own niche of handmade adrenalin-infused art toys.

An edition of ten, the OG Pixie resin art toy (12″) will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, September 2, 2020, for €300 ($354) with free worldwide shipping. For the latest release details be sure to follow Vinyl Intelligence and DM him for more info.

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