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With convention after convention cancelling their 2020 events, the art toy scene has been wondering whether DesignerCon would happen this year. The answer is a qualified yes, with an innovative online event fueled by a live streaming shopping experience powered by Pop Shop Live. So no, DesignerCon won’t be held in Anaheim this November, but we’re excited abou DesignerCon Online 2020. This year’s in-person DesignerCon has been cancelled and will return in November 2021 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

As described by DesignerCon founder Ben Goretsky in a detailed live video session (below), the 2020 online edition will feature a special convention user interface in Pop Shop Live that will allow collectors to browse products and ‘visit’ artist and brand ‘booths’ which will each have their own live stream channel where artists can chat with fans, show their exclusives and releases and of course sell the products directly in the live stream.

Let’s get into a few more key details. Admission to the online event will not be free — pricing has not yet been announced yet. Yes, there will be special VIP passes and yes, special VIP boxes featuring exclusive items. On the vendor side, exhibitors will be able to transfer their registration from 2020 to 2021. All confirmed 2021 exhibitors will receive a DCon Online booth for free.

While Pop Shop Live is currently only on iOS, there will be a new web-based version in a week or so which should open up the experience to a much larger number of collectors. In addition, it sounds like an Android version of the app is in development as well. If you’ve used Pop Shop Live you likely know why we’re excited. It delivers a level of immediacy, connection with artists and an addictive shopping experience that is unheard of in North America.

If you have an iPhone or iPad and haven’t tried Pop Shop Live, download the app, use code ‘arttoy’ to join and then check out 3DRetro’s twice weekly live stream shopping shows. The next show airs on Friday (8.21) at 11 AM PDT featuring the brand-new Puppy art toy by Victor Castillo who will be on the stream to talk about the figure.

While in-person DesignerCon has been cancelled this year, we’re looking forward to learning and seeing more about the 2020 online edition.

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