Korea′s toy stores do roaring trade on Children′s Day 국내 장난감 시장

Staying with the holiday theme…
Apart from taking their children to amusement parks, zoos or playing with them elsewhere,… it′s seen as a parent′s obligation to buy their kids a toy or two on Children′s Day.
That′s why marketing during this season is especially fierce.
Kwon Soa reports.
″There′s one day in Korea when toys fly off the shelves: Children′s Day. Toy sales jump more than ten times higher than normal days.″
By season, toys sell the most in the winter, during Christmas week.
But when it comes to sales made in a single day, Children′s Day holds the record.

″Demand is high for character toys that are also on TV. Currently the most popular ones are Japanese characters, while Korean character toys make up around 20 percent of the market.″
To help drive the spending frenzy, marketers are offering loads of promotions and discounts to get parents to pull out their wallets… and grandparents too.
According to the online shopping mall Auction, leading up to the holiday, toys purchased by customers aged 50 and above rose 70 percent compared to last year.
I like this one.
This one? Do you want to take a look?

″If only I could, I′d buy them everything. Go ahead and pick.″

″As there are a lot of families in which both parents work, more grandparents are buying toys for their grandchildren instead.″
Despite the massive spending, experts say marketers should expand their target group to boost steady sales.

″Kidults are increasing in Korea… The related market rakes in over 90 million dollars annually.″

Industry watchers say… many nostalgic characters that appeal to older generations are still popular,… and ideal for toy companies to expand on… if they want to try and capture the hearts of both the young and old, at once.
Kwon Soa, Arirang News.


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