3oz Canbot Blindbox Series by Czee13 x Clutter

Czee13’s popular Canbot takes its next big step by going small. The 3oz Canbot Blindbox Series transforms the UK artist’s graffiti character into a full-fledged art toy platform. The first series comes out strong with 15 unique designs from a talented lineup including Andrea Kang, Chris RWK, Czee13, Dalek, DURO, Flying Fortress, MAD*L, MAR2INA, MrKumKum, Nicky Davis, Prime, QUICCS, Riiisa Boogie, Sket-One and the Toy Mafia.

The 3oz Canbot’s journey starts on Thursday (8.13) with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for the new series which will feature multiple reward levels offering the first opportunity to own the new figures as well as special GID editions and a three-foot Canbot.

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