Clockwork Pino (Fairy Tales Edition) by Fools Paradise

Roughly two years after the original edition, Fools Paradise is set to release the new Clockwork Pino (Fairy Tales Edition) vinyl art toy set. A bit of a surprise given the time between releases, the Fairy Tales Edition embraces the classic Pinocchio colors instead of the Clockwork Orange-inspired black + white color scheme of the original edition. For the new edition, both Pino and the cricket have brown (‘wood’) noses which works well for the main character and perhaps not so much for the little guy.

While Pino enjoys a considerable costume swap, the cricket remains quite similar, mostly because the OG design followed the fairy tale instead of Kubrick’s classic cult film. Beyond the nose, the other key cricket changes ares his shoes which are now blue and yellow instead of black and subtle color shifts in his clothes.

The Clockwork Pino (Fairy Tales Edition) will be available for pre-order on Wednesday (8.18) directly from Fools Paradise.

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