Mini Lil Alex Micro Editions by Frank Kozik x BlackBook Toy

Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot entered a new chapter with last month’s debut of the Mini Lil Alex sofubi art toy—6.3″ vs the OG 11.2″—from BlackBook Toy in clear and black editions. Ahead of the factory-painted OG editions, BlackBook Toy has created two fun, hand-painted micro edition riffs of the OG orange, white and gray colorway.

The 50/50 OG micro edition lives up to its name by leaving the right side of the clear figure unpainted and painting the left side to match the upcoming OG edition. The side by side clear and fully-painted combo is fairly unusual and certainly eye catching.

Perhaps even more creative, the Clear OG micro edition mimics the upcoming OG edition with clear and translucent orange vinyl instead of white and orange paint. While the 50/50 has a bit of a split personality, Clear OG is a more seamless approach blending the two translucent vinyl colors. This approach even carries over to the removable carrot accessory with clear the leaves and translucent orange for the rest.

Editions of 5, the Mini Lil Alex 50/50 OG and Clear OG micro edition art toys will be available via email lottery for ¥11,000 each ($104) from Friday (8.14) at 8 AM PDT until Sunday (8.16) at 7:59 AM PDT. To enter send an email to with ‘Mini Alex Lottery Application’ as the subject and include your Full Name, Mailing Address (w/postal code), Telephone Number, PayPal Address, which edition you want to buy and optionally your IG/FB name for backup communication. See BBT’s official product page for in-depth info.

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