Micro Puzzles, Viz Art Ink Collaborate for Hand-Drawn Puzzle Collection • The Toy Book

Coastal California | Source: Micro Puzzles

Micro Puzzles entered into a new licensing deal with Gregg “Viz” Visintainer’s Viz Art Ink for a colorful new collection of puzzles.

The offerings feature Viz Art Ink creations reproduced on Micro Puzzles’ signature 150-piece, 4- by 6-inch puzzles.

“Gregg’s art is beautiful, and it’s even more amazing when you look at it up close,” says Micro Puzzle Founders Michael Sturba and Rachel Duguay. “Bringing this art to Micro Puzzles will really allow each detail of his art to be more closely admired. We are so excited to team up with him and see where his art takes us next.”

Viz Art Ink – American Heroes | Source: Micro Puzzles

Visintainer’s designs are hand-drawn in pen and ink. Each design reveals more details and hidden words and pictures the closer to it you get.

Micro Puzzles are made in Anaheim, California.

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