Do No Harm 2 (The Syringe Series) by Miss Bugs

London-based Miss Bugs continues their Do No Harm project with a very pointed part 2. Conceptualized around the negative effects of social media, the first series featured candy-colored Ice Lollies (popsicles) laced with razor blades, drug capsules and bloody syringes.

The Do No Harm 2: The Syringe Series delivers perhaps a more focused message with three different drugs: Emoji, Luxury and Social. Each design is a reminder of the powerful influence that mobile phones, coveted luxury brands, and social media have on people. Whether through commanding increasing demands on users’ attention and time or becoming an all-consuming goal, each seemingly innocuous phenomena has definite drawbacks and dangers.

Limited to a total of 400 pieces, the Do No Harm 2 (Syringe Series) resin art objects (12.9″) will be available in four colorways (Orange, Pink, Yellow and Blue) across the three types (Emoji, Luxury, and Social). Each Do No Harm Syringe pharmaceutical comes professionally packaged in a vacuu-formed case complete with pearlescent inlay card.

Presumably because of anticipated demand, Miss Bugs will release the syringes with little to no advanced public notice. There may still be time to sign up to receive advanced email notification of the pending release.

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