Māraion Senpai by Junoplaygroup – Vinyl Pulse

The all-terrain Māraion Senpai is the first vinyl art toy from Singapore-based Junoplaygroup. Inspired by the lucky cat tradition, the toy’s name is Japanese for ‘merlion ancestor’. Riding in a military-style tracked vehicle, Māraion Senpai carries a golden good luck tablet as he throws up the peace sign.

Designer Chun Huo Tan’s stylized take on the merlion, the national symbol of Singapore emphasizes the lion half of the hybrid animal with a bold, strong face, flowing mane, and sharp horns. While not pictured, the character does retain the aquatic tail of the traditional merlion.

An edition of 100, the Māraion Senpai vinyl art toy stands 3″ tall on its own and 5″ tall while riding in the vehicle. The art toy is available for $58 (shipping included) by DM’ing Junoplaygroup.

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