DID Hasper Chibi by Double A

Malaysian artist Double A’s Did Hasper Chibi resin art toy features a fun, somewhat enigmatic design. From what we can gather, Did Hasper is a potentially undead pterodactyl hybrid with mystical powers (see the glowing green energy flowing out of his hand).

The well-executed figure’s pterodactyl-style head features a clever design where the upper section can sit closed on the jaw line or be raised up to reveal the character’s humanoid face. Finally, the color combo of this original edition works well to give the figure a sense of power and mystery.

Previously released in a very short-run advanced drop and at an art toy show, the Did Hasper Chibi resin art toy (3.94″) is now available in a larger pre-order (15 pieces) for $60. To order send a DM to the artist.

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