What's in the box: Jurassic Park toys! Dinosaurs, Action Figures, Vehicles!

One VERY BIG BOX with LOTS of toys inside! I bought these around the time Jurassic Park and the 2 sequels came out.
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Extra note: JURASSIC WORLD is getting closer and closer! I AM SO EXCITED to see all the new toys they make for that movie! I’m going to try to buy every one I see!

Jurassic Park Pachyrhinosaurus toy video:

My “arts and crafts” channel:

My “gamer” channel:

My pet rooster and dove channel?

This is not a “for sale” or “giveaway” video, this is just part of my collection that I want to keep and show.
Dinosaur toys for children , collectors , and fans of dinosaurs!
Detailed replica historical figures for play or display.
Prehistoric beasts, flying reptiles, hybrids and more!


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