War Paint by Juce Gace x ZCWO

From the whimsical, playful mind of Juce Gace comes the new War Paint vinyl art toy produced by ZCWO. His new toy is a fun riff off the 8-bit bullet enemies which tormented the iconic plumber and his cousin in the classic video game. War Paint’s clever design embraces the tools of the art trade from the character’s bullet shape that doubles as a spray can to the paint brush grasped as if it were a deadly weapon.

War Paint is a continuation of Juce Gace’s early art work which celebrated the 8-bit plumber such as his fun Maneki Dino, a mashup of the game and the Lucky Cat tradition.

The War Paint art toy is available for pre-order from ZCWO for $75 (shipping included) and is slated to fly in December 2020. While bases can often be a distraction, certain designs demand them. Juce Gace has managed to incorporate the support into the figure’s concept with a shadow-like base.

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