Hello Neighbor Drinks Monster Energy Drink and Steals Our New Toys!!! Toy Scavenger Hunt!

Hello Neighbor Drinks Monster Energy Drink and Steals Our Toys!!! What Happens?!?!
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Hello Neighbor Steals Our New Toy Line! What Happens Next?!?! Have you heard that we’re coming out with our very own toy line?! We showed you our new toys over on our Beyond Family channel and today we were going to open them for you all to see but they were missing! There was only one explanation, Hello Neighbor! He came to our house and decided to play a little game of hide and seek with us so that we had to scavenger hunt around the house until we found all of our missing toys. Hello Neighbor was definitely acting a little crazy today. Turns out he drank one of dads monster energy drinks! Oops! No worries though, be sure to check out Madison and Beyond and we’ll open up our new toys to give you all a better look at them!

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