Wolfe Albino by Colus – Vinyl Pulse

Colus jumps back into action with his new Wolfe Albino resin art toy. The new edition of the graceful and formidable Wolfe features an off-white body with white eyes. This is the fourth edition of the figure following the original Black and White editions featuring contrasting eyes and the DCon 2019 Shadow edition which featured a black body and black eyes.

Colus often works with a stark black and white palette as a means of showcasing his striking sculpts. With the Albino edition filling out the last obvious color combination, this may very well be the end of the line for the figure.

A signed and numbered edition of 10, the Albino Wolfe resin art toy (6″) will be available on Friday (8.7) at 10 AM PST from the artist’s webstore for $250 each.

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