Big Lad 1:1 by Ashley Wood x Underverse

After a bit of an initial ramp-up, Ashley Wood and Underverse have turned the heat up with several new art toy releases, including the ambitious Big Lad edition art toy. The newest incarnation of Ashtro Lad, the artist’s self-referential celebration of the classic Japanese manga character, gains a sizeable presence with the new 1:1 version (36″). With the new size comes a fleshed out personality revealed through the included collar and leash. Never one to shy away from sexual expression, Ashley Wood delivers here in a subtle way that amplifies the messages.

The Big Lad art toy (36″) will be available in three editions—Opera Guard (blue), King Coal 02, and Dione Guard (orange)—on Saturday, August 15, 2020, direct from Underverse for a rather reasonable $625 each.

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