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Source: ADK Emotions NY

The first generation of Beyblade content is now available on the brand’s YouTube channel, marking the beginning of many celebrations from ADK Emotions NY ahead of the cartoon’s 20th anniversary.

Content will be dropped weekly, featuring classic episodes in English and Spanish. Those who grew up watching the battle series can rekindle their love of the spinning toys, and an entire generation can catch the classic content for the first time.

Fresh content and even newer toys will also be available before the platinum anniversary. Hasbro has been making Beyblade toys in the U.S. for 18 of those 20 years and will release new products this fall. New content on Netflix and YouTube, called Beyblade Burst, has already seeded more than 1,600 videos and has gotten 360 million global views.

The success of Beyblade Burst will be celebrated in the fall with a digital activation, including Beyblade influencers and fans.

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