IamRetro Exclusive Neapolitan and Radioactive Tings by Sket-One x 3DRetro

Surprise! IamRetro has just dropped two Exclusive Ting vinyl art toys from Sket-One x 3DRetro. First up is the fun, perfect for summer Neapolitan Ting with the triple flavor threat—Chocolate, Strawberry and call it French Vanilla. An old-school cake cone tops off the design.

Perhaps the victim of an unfortunate accident, the Toxic Spill Ting features a vivid green and yellow design flowing from the radioactive container on the farting elephant’s head. Oh, as you might hope, this one is GID.

IamRetro’s pair of exclusives are the 4th and 5th editions of the red hot Ting and follow the sold-out Phase1, Murica and Oops editions.

The Neapolitan (125 pcs, $75) and Toxic Spill Ting (80 pcs, $85) vinyl art toys are available from IamRetro.com and should sell out within minutes.

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