Skulltoons the Pino Pink Version by Theodoru x Streams

Theodoru’s Skulltoons series continues with the new Pino Pink Version vinyl art toy produced by Streams. First released at Streams’ K11 Art Mall event in Hong Kong, the new stylized take on Pinocchio features multiple shades of pink including a very faint pinkish white used for the ‘wood’ limbs, arms and skull.

Theodoru’s stylized skull with the two protruding jaw bones is the heart of the series and unites his stylized takes on iconic characters from Mickey Mouse to Pinocchio. Beyond the skull, Pino stays fairly true to the iconic wood puppet boy with a habit of exaggerating the truth. From the clothes to the apple, this is the classic character with the artist’s skeletal spin.

An edition of 299, the Skulltoons the Pino Pink Version art toy (13.78″) drops on Saturday (8.1) at 7 AM PDT from Streams for $270. The new version follows the Mono version which was released at the end of May.

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