Gashadokuro 8″ Dunny by Kidrobot

Like the undead spirits that inspired it, the Gashadokuro 8″ Dunny by Kidrobot straddles a mixed existence of its own as both a plastic and plush toy. Drawn from the Gashadokuro or ‘starving skeleton’ spirits from Japanese folklore, the clear ABS Dunny features an embedded skeleton plush, a stylized take on the ghastly creatures believed to be the remains of forsaken people who starved to death or died in battle without a proper burial.

While inspired by ancient traditions, the embroidered plush skeleton incorporates contemporary references including the X’d out ‘death’ eyes and a broken heart to embody the Gashadokuro’s sad fate.

Slated for release sometime in August, the Gashadokuro 8″ Dunny is available now for pre-order from select retailers including myplasticheart and IamRetro for $49.99

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