Summer Wars – Mini Mini Kid by Li Yan & Plan Two by Han Ning

Aichiaile’s Summers Wars collection features bright, vivid editions of Mini Mini Kid by Li Yan and Plan Two by Han Ning. The two figures play off each other through subtle color coordination.

The Summer Wars Mini Mini Kid art toy launches into the warm months with a new space-themed edition featuring an orange and blue color combination. The addition of the headset and control panel elements transforms the previously minimalist figure into a stylish space explorer complete with a fashionable asymmetric space suit. It’ll be interesting to see if Li Yan continues to explore using Mini Mini Kid as a platform toy of sorts.

The Summer Wars Plan Two figure features a laid back, pastel version of the two-faced rabbit from Han Ning. Partial to the pastels, Plan Two stays cool in light green and yellow. The bright orange suitcase is a fun, subtle way of linking the two summer-themed releases as is the ‘Summer 07’ text on each. Beyond this specific edition, part of Plan Two’s charm comes from its magnetic head which allows for both front-to-back swaps as well as unusual poses such as those with the head shifted to one side of the body.

Editions of ten, the handmade Summer Wars Mini Mini Kid (3.4″ $75) and Phase Two (7.9″, $168) handmade resin art toys can be ordered via email to The figures are expected to ship at the end of August 2020.

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