Grapat Open Ended Wooden Toys Unboxing

Hope you enjoy getting a closer look at our wooden Grapat toys that our kids love so dearly. The kids loved unboxing these wonderful open ended wooden toys. The colours and quality are amazing! The kids love creating their own little worlds with all the unique pieces.

About Grapat
Grapat is a Spanish, family-run business, who design and make beautiful wooden toys. Inspired by their daughter’s imaginative play, Casiana and Jordi create open-ended toys that encourage children to freely play, experiment and discover. Grapat toys are made using local, sustainable wood found around their Catalonian home. Discover the world of Rainbow Nins, and sort, hide, and store treasures with wooden bowls.


Grapat Wooden Toys from The Bendy Beanstalk

Ostheimer Wooden Animals from The Bendy Beanstalk

Grimm’s from The Bendy Beanstalk

Hugo Loves Tiki

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