Creeping Robot Death TEQ by Klav x QUICCS x Martian Toys

TEQ Tuesday is right around the corner and with it comes the Creeping Robot Death TEQ vinyl art toy from Klav x QUICCS x Martian Toys. Klav has incorporated his field-tested aesthetic into his Artist Series TEQ63 release.

Living up the name, Creeping Robot Death features a robotic TEQ that’s seen better days to say the least. Seemingly pieced together from various gray, blue and white panels, this ‘bot is rusting throughout, head to toe.

Rust can be a beautiful thing. Klav’s design and the excellent execution on the production side showcase the visceral power of really well-done, convincing weathering. As seen here, the rust effortlessly conveys decades of exploring and fighting while hinting at the resultant weariness.

The Creeping Robot Death TEQ vinyl art toy (6″) will be available on TEQ Tuesday (7.28) at 9 AM PDT for $90 from thirteen retailers including myplasticheart, Rotofugi, VLTD, Mindzai (Canada), Galerie F, PopnBeards, Smeye World, Stormy Valut, Invasion Toys, Plastic Empire, Martian Toys (ARO only), The Toy Chronicle and Robbins Nest Collectibles.

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