Super7 Stay-At-Home-ic-Con: Kandy Kaiju, Killer Bootlegs & Healeymade

Super7 closes out its Stay-At-Home-ic-Con virtual event with Day 4’s ‘Designer Delights’. The toy mix includes a collection of S7 sofubi and artist ReAction figures from Killer Bootlegs and Healeymade.

Super7’s new sofubi exclusives including the Kandy Kaiju Clear Orange Trio (Foster, Milton, & Pie Guy) for $25 each, Jade Mummy Boy mascot in regular ($65) & pocket sizes ($10) as well as the Caveman Dinosaur (Clear Pink) quickly sold out. Once S7’s staple, collectors are clearly still on the hunt for the now fairly rare sofubi drops.

While most ReAction Figure releases are based on pop culture or music licenses, S7 released three artist editions as part of their Day 4 exclusives. From Killer Bootlegs comes the new Draco Knuckleduster ($18) in yellow and purple and the artist’s signature Phantom Starkiller (Reissue 2013, $18) which matches the colors of the original 2013 resin run dropped by DKE Toys.

Finally, from NYC-based David Healey comes the Hell-Bent Shadow edition ReAction Figure. The deadly assassin can be yours for $18.

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