Psy-Robot by Daniel Halienn – Vinyl Pulse

Daniel Halienn has just debuted his brand-new Psy-Robot resin art toys. Inspired by old-school robots, Psy-Robot switches it up with a skull + cross chest plate and the artist’s favored inset eyes including a single precautionary eyeball on the rear.

The toy offers a striking blend of mechanical and organic, pairing rivets, sensors and more with the soft, fragile elements of life including the realistic eyes which are a recurring feature of Halienn’s figures. Psy-Robot’s inset eyes are a visual and conceptual link to the recently released Babawa and Mokko monster toys, each of which features a single large eyeball.

The Psy-Robot (4″) resin art toy is available in several different treatments including two air-brushed versions blending pink with different shades of blue and solid cyan-ish version. Each is available for €66.60 ($77) direct from the artist via DM

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