Q & A with Toy Designer One-Eyed Girl AKA Kasey Tararuj

Get the scoop behind the artist and exclusive release of The Rejects – Dark Mischief edition art figures before they hit Kidrobot.com. We sat down with the artist behind the creation, Kasey Tararuj AKA One-Eyed Girl (@kctararuj) for an interview to give the Kidrobot community some background before the release. Read about this customizer turned sculptor & toy designer from her own words in this Q & A style interview and then go order the Kidrobot exclusive Dark Mischief edition of The Rejects and the Rejects Pin Set at 10am MT on April 24th only at Kidrobot.com.

I’ve been paralyzed and in a wheelchair for almost 20 years and I spent so much of that time creating all this weird, emotional art to help deal with it.  I got to a point where that got old and making these silly characters was way more therapeutic than trying to put my feelings into a painting.  So now I make my little guys to make myself laugh or smile and hope that it does the same for others. 


KR: What is your first memory of playing with, or looking at a toy, and what was the toy?

KT: First memory ever? My puff! (the Puffalump pink cow) Does that count? It was my favorite toy of all time. He lived with me my whole life, through college and now is in a display box in my bedroom because I’m crazy.

KR: Where did you grow up? How has that place influenced your art and development as an artist?

KT:  I grew up in central NJ.  It was/is nice to live in close distance to Philly and NYC and be able to check out art shows of some major artists I like in person.  Being close to Philly was especially helpful when I first started trying to really get my art out there, as I was able to go to shows I was a part of and chat with people and make some good connections.

KR: For those out there who are unfamiliar with your work, can you give us a quick bio?

KT:  I jump around from silly animals, favorite foods, made-up creatures, and animated inanimate objects to create a little world of unique characters, each with their own individual personalities.  Emotions range from happy to grumpy to cute to zoned out… and some just look plain drunk. 

KR: Are you an art toy collector yourself? If so, what’s your favorite piece in your collection?  Can you share a picture of your collection?

KT:   I am! I’m obsessed with collecting art and I have shelves all over my house filled with a million pieces.  I have a lot of favorites but my absolute favorites are 3 pieces by Vanessa Ramirez, Fabians Finest Freaks, and Jennifer Sloan.

Figures in KCs Collection

Here are other images of my collection, but that’s not nearly all of it!

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