Bake-Kujira (x4) by Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery

Continuing its multiple colorway festival-style releases, Toy Art Gallery is set to release not,one, not two, not three, but four (!) editions of Candie Bolton’s signature Bake-Kujira vinyl art toy on Friday. Seeking revenge against those that led to its end, the ‘Phantom Whale’ brings a deadly trio of famine, plague and natural disasters as retribution.

The phantasmal four are headlined by the Painted Pink version ($175) with metallic spray in gold, purple, blue and green. The whale spirit will also be available in three unpainted editions—Blue, Green Glitter and Pink—for $150 each.

All four of the new Bake-Kujira vinyl art toys (11″, 3 points of articulation) will be available on Friday (7.24) at 12 PM PDT from Toy Art Gallery.

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