10 Toys Kids SHOULDN'T Be Playing With

10 Most Messed Up Toys For Kids

Toy makers have a tough job of trying to entertain kids, while not offending their parents. Actually, that doesn’t sound very hard at all, right? Well for some reason, toy companies still produce some major fails that have the internet laughing, and parents seeing red. These are ten toys kids shouldnt be playing with.

Back in 2016, the internet became obsessed with everything unicorn. Unicorn clothing, bedding, beauty products, and even unicorn toys started flying off the shelves. But, there was one playset featuring this mythical beast that made all the “worst toys for children” lists, but you’ll have to watch the video to see what it is!

Growing up, there was a pretty good chance you owned a doll or two. And while manufacturers are always looking for a way to make baby dolls more exciting, a few of them had us scratching our heads. From a hairy baby that kids can shave to a baby that is pregnant with a pregnant fetus, we are absolutely disturbed by some of the dolls on this list.

One of the first necessities of a childs life is their baby carriage. And while this may not be a toy per se, the one on this list looks like a large, rideable monster. An artist came up with a piece of work that has a baby riding in a carriage that looks like a cyclops. While this may not sound too disturbing, just wait until you see the pictures!

Check out the video to see these toys and even more like Naughty Barbie, Lovely Straight Jacket, and many more! Once you’re done watching the video, let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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